Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting the website of the European Association of CCP Clearing Houses (EACH). EACH is located at Avenue des Arts 6, 1210 in Brussels, Belgium and is registered in the European Union Transparency Register with number 36897011311-96. This statement represents a summary of the EACH Privacy Policy Data applicable to the use of our website. The full EACH Privacy Policy Data can be found  here.

When you visit our website, we may collect your personal data to enable you to browse our website and use its functionalities in the way that best meets your preferences. We may also request your consent to send you direct communications or invitations to events. EACH will not process the data received for any other purposes.

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Should you receive information from us that you do not find relevant for you, we provide you with the opportunity to opt-out and stop receiving emails, press-releases or publications. To opt-out or require any further information, please contact us at

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