Position papers

CCP12/EACH paper on CCP Governance and Default Management Groups – (Default Auctions Category 2 issues)
Joint association paper on Client participation – (Default Auctions Category 2 issues)
Joint Associations’ Letter – Call for an urgent expansion of the collateral requirements in energy markets
Joint Associations’ Letter – Relieve cash liquidity pressure on market participants by extending eligible non-cash collateral
EACH Paper – Enhancing the eligibility of collateral: Bank Guarantees and Emission Allowances
EACH Letter – Restrictions brought by the EU Cybersecurity Certification Scheme for Cloud Services (EUCS)
EACH Note – Timelines for the transition to risk-free rates
Joint Associations’ paper on access to short-term liquidity or guarantees provided by public entities and extension of eligible collateral to maintain the functioning of EU energy markets in times of extreme wholesale price development
EACH Paper – CCP access to Central Banks’ facilities
EACH Paper ‘CCP resilience during the COVID-19 Market Stress’
EACH Paper ‘Best Practices in CCP Credit Risk Management’
Correlation Breakdowns, Spread Positions, and CCP Margin Model
EACH Paper ‘Climate Risk and CCP Risk Management’
EACH Paper ‘Carrots and sticks: How the skin in the game incentivises CCPs to perform robust risk management’
EACH Note on Digital Operational Resilience (DORA)
EACH Framework on CSDR Settlement Discipline Regime – Updated Version
EACH note on EMIR Article 49: Review of Model and Parameters
‘Let’s make markets safer, not weaker’ – An EACH note on CCP Recovery and Resolution
EACH Framework on CSDR Settlement Discipline
Uncleared Margin Rules – EACH takes note of the work on uncleared margin rules and calls for its efficient implementation – IOSCO
CCPs Recovery & Resolution – EACH welcomes the European Parliament’s vote on CCP Recovery and Resolution and warns about unsubstantiated capital increase proposal. – European Parliament
EACH note on the role of Central Bank of Issue in the context of EMIR Review
Letter to the Basel Committee on Leverage Ratio
Leverage ratio
EMIR, equivalence – EACH welcomes EU-US agreement on a ‘Common approach for transatlantic CCPs’ – European Commission, CFTC
EACH views on portfolio margining
Extension of the use of bank guarantees in the context of EMIR
Best practices for CCPs stress tests
Additional subjects – An effective Recovery and Resolution Regime for CCPs
An effective Recovery and Resolution Regime for CCPs
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