COVID-19 CCP Repository

To ensure that CCPs’ stakeholders and the general public are informed about the actions taken by EACH Member CCPs in light of the COVID-19 environment, EACH has prepared a COVID-19 CCP Repository of the public information made available by its Member CCPs (See Repository below). As independent risk managers, CCPs contribute to safer, more efficient and transparent global financial markets. During these times of intense market activity, the CCP industry is focusing its efforts on:

  • Employee safety and robust risk management

    European CCPs are always fully focused on providing safe and efficient markets, business continuity and supporting financial stability. We continue to do so in the current circumstances, while also ensuring the safety of CCPs’ employees and their families.

  • Applying business continuity protocols where needed due to COVID-19 nature

    The nature of COVID-19 situation has generally made CCPs deploy their business continuity plans. These plans are regularly tested by CCPs and therefore have been implemented smoothly. In line with these plans, CCP staff may generally distribute between the main site, secondary sites and working from home.

  • Ensuring the performance of CCP functions as expected notwithstanding market volatility and trading volumes

    The trading volumes and high volatility have increased the volumes of regular CCP activities, but these are all being handled as expected. European CCPs remain as always with cover-2 resources for the current market conditions and participants’ books.

  • Ensuring communication to authorities and market participants

    CCPs are in constant contact with authorities and market participants to ensure markets can remain open and risk can be managed adequately. CCPs have also made public statements on COVID-19 to ensure that the public is aware of public CCPs’ actions and the deployment of their contingency measures.

Disclaimer: Whilst EACH is working to ensure this repository remains up date, the original information should be sourced directly from EACH Member CCPs.